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The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy - Gemmotherapy

The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy

The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy (RAGH) was founded in 2010, at the initiative of a group of medical doctors.

This was the result of 7 years of training activities in gemmotherapy, organised with the support of Plantextrakt Laboratories, the romanian manufacturer of gemmotherapy extracts.

Gemmotherapy and homeopathy:
first therapeutic options for doctor, pharmacist and patient.

  • organization of scientific meetings for medical professionals
  • collaboration with higher education and research institutes
  • publishing articles in medical and pharmaceutical journals
  • publishing information material (newsletter, flyers, brochures, books)
  • information campaigns for the general public
  • online information: www.gemoterapie.ro
ARGH militates for the development of gemmotherapy and homeopathy as natural, non-invasive therapeutic modalities.
It supports people close to nature by understanding the healing power that young plant parts used in gemmotherapy have (buds, shoots, sap, etc..) and the beneficial effects that can be obtained using homeopathy.
It promotes awareness and usage of gemmotherapic extracts in prophylaxis and treatment by physicians.
It coordinates gemmotherapeutic training activities for doctors and pharmacists.
It conducts programs to initiate doctors and pharmacists in homeopathy.

ARGH lecturers are medical doctors with great experience in gemmotherapy. In 2011, there are 10 lecturers sustaining trainings organised in 18 different cities of Romania. We also started to organize gemmotherapy trainings for pharmacists. These are coordinated by pharm. Carmen Ponoran.

Organizational structure

  • President: dr.Simona Nitu
  • Secretary General: farm.Carmen Ponoran
  • Vice-Presidents:
    • dr.Sorina Soescu (Southern Romania)
    • dr.Ofelia Lugojana (Western Romania)
    • dr.Silvia Ignat (Eastern Romania)
  • Scientific coordinators:
    • Clinical studies: dr. Didi Surcel, dr.Luminita Sarca, Adrian Alecu
    • Phytochemical studies: dr.chim.farm. Neli Olah
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