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The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy - The Second National Conference of Gemmotherapy With International Participation

The Second National Conference of Gemmotherapy With International Participation

Cluj-Napoca, May 20th -21st, 2011

Conference theme: Therapeutic response peculiarities in gemmotherapy

Conference papers

Immune response peculiarities in gemmotherapy
dr. Didi Surcel - Blue Life Medical Center Cluj-Napoca

Viscum album - complex profile of a plant and of a gemmotherapy remedy
Overview of plant, usage in traditional phytotherapy, anthroposophy, homeopathy and gemmotherapy. Defining the main themes of the Viscum album plant and clinical indications of gemmotherapic preparation
Dr. Sorina Soescu - Constanta               
Nick Churchill - United Kingdom

Immunomodulating effect of Viscum album preparations in dichromate exposure. Experimental studies in vivo
Didi Surcel 1; Mioara Butan 2; Cs. Szanto 2; S. Toader 3; O.Rotaru 4 - Blue Life Medical Center, Centrul de Sanatate Publica Cluj, UMF Cluj,  Institutul Agronomic, Facultatea de Medicina Veterinara Cluj

Comparative pharmacological evaluation of several Viscum album L. extracts (Loranthaceae)
Bogdan Sevastre, Daniela Hanganu, Neli Kinga Olah, Iulia Prodan, Radu Manalacioaie, Ioan Marcus, Constantin Puica

Possibilities of influencing male infertility with gemmotherapy
dr. Simona Nitu - Cluj Napoca

The proven effects of gemmotherapic preparations’ efficacy used as single therapy - case presentation
dr. Zsuzsanna Giurgiuman - Cluj-Napoca

Clinical study on the efficacy of the Fig buds extract  in digestive diseases
dr.Adrian Alecu, dr.Mariana Alecu - Târgu Mures

A case of osteoporosis exclusively treated gemmotherapically
dr.Luminita Sârca - Bucuresti

Plant bud extracts -  determination of anti-inflammatory action in vivo
Peev Camelia, Dehelean Cristina, Militaru Andrea - UMF "Victor Babes" Timisoara, Facultatea de Farmacie si Facultatea de Medicina Timisoara

Oak buds extract - an interesting indication
dr.Lorelai Cobzariu - Tulcea

Lebanese cedar buds extract - a spectacular case
dr.Lorelai Cobzariu - Tulcea

The experience of using Red billberry sprouts extract in urinary infections
dr.Oana Socoliuc - Timisoara

Evaluation of cell-mediated immune response in simultaneous exposure to wood dust and Buxus sempervirens GM = D1. In vitro studies
Didi Surcel, Mioara Butan, S. Toader, Simona Nitu, Carmen Ponoran - Laboratoarele Plantextrakt

Observations on the effects of several gemmotherapic extracts in the treatment of respiratory diseases
Drd. Leucian Mihaela Orodan - Arad

Chemical composition study of the of the meristematic tissues of birch species (Betula verrucosa and Betula pubescens)
dr.chim.farm. Olah Neli - Cluj Napoca

Gemmotherapic approaches in current clinical practice -  presentation of cases
dr.Silvia Ignat - Iasi

Acute disease gemmotherapic treatment possibilities
dr.Adrian Alecu, dr.Mariana Alecu - Târgu Mures

Study on the applicability of gemmotherapy in occupational-stress-generated autonomous nervous system dysfunctions
dr.Malina Ciumasu - Iasi

Hawthorn and Olive gemmotherapic extracts role in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders
Dr.Mirela Ratis - Bucuresti

Schüssler-salts-associated gemmotherapic treatment in a case of hepatic lithiasis
dr.Dana Selaru - Constanta

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