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The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy - THE III rd NATIONAL GEMMOTHERAPY CONFERENCE WITH INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION - May 18th -19th, 2012


Fernando PiteràFernando Piterà, Italian physician, lives in Genoa, where he practices as homeopathic physician and phytotherapist. A true lover of botany, ethnomedicine and history of medicine, Dr. Piterà is docent in homeopathy, phytotherapy and biotherapy. Connaisseur of Henry Pole’s works, he is a practitioner, as well as a researcher in the field of gemmotherapy.
He gathered and updated all the scientific data in the field of gemmotherapy, bringing a personal contribution to the experimentation and development of gemmotherapy. His work, COMPENDIUM OF CLINICAL GEMMOTHERAPY, comprises nearly 300 bibliographic indexes. It presents a very valuable theoretical basis that substantiates the active mechanisms through "in vitro" and "in vivo" experiments..

compendio-di-gemmoterapia-clinicacompendiu de gemoterapie clinicaThis valuable work of Dr. Piterà, purchased from Italy at the initiative of PlantExtrakt Company’s specialists, has been translated into Romanian in 2003 by Dr. Sorina Soescu, R.A.G.H. Vice-President.
Dr. Piterà continues to study the meristematic tissues of several plants that have yet not been used in this field, having a series of gemmotherapic products undergoing preclinical and clinical testing.

Nick Churchill has over 15 years’ experience in homeopathy and more than 10 years’ in gemmotherapy. He is currently working as a homeopath in Bath anddirecting an online School of Gemmotherapy,Nick Churchill which comprises students from all over the world. Being a Master of communication, the buds have chosen him as their ambassador. Nick Churchill has been teaching homeopathy for over 10 years in England, America, Czech Republic and, more recently, in Japan and he is the Director of the International School of Homeopathy in London.
He has delightedly answered the invitations to participate in our gemmotherapy conferences every time; thus, in 2011, he has become honorary member of the Romanian   Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy.

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