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Convalescence of the viral respiratory problems

handsFor the convalescence of the viral respiratory problems we have the best preparate:

  • Prunus spinosa (Blackthorn), buds, D1, that is a general tonic and stimulator of the body, especially after a difficult physical problem that affected its general energy.

It is indicated when there is a physical and emotional weakness after a stresfull situation or disease, with or without anorexia or other apetite troubles. Is especially indicated in the lack of apetite of children, after a viral infection or flu.


Autumn problems and gemmotherapy - 4 Other respiratory troubles

copil bolnavIn the winter season, there are many other disturbing respiratory troubles, caused by the cold weather, cold wind or wet and cold air.

Acute sinusitis - represents the inflammation of the mucouse membrane of the nasal sinuses (the hollow spaces in the bones, near the nose, that helps for reverberating of sounds)
Discharges, that are watery or pus-like could fill and block the sinuses, with unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, local pains, nasal obstruction and chronical discharges from the nose.


Autumn problems and gemmotherapy - 3 Viral respiratory episodes

toamnaIn winter and spring, in our temperate climate countries, the main problems of our patients are the viral respiratory infections. Symptoms are many and variable, according to each person, but constant there is a nasal catarhh, in different degree (with or without obstruction, with or without discharges), there is a throat problem (with or without cough, with or without hoarsness, with or without discharges) and there is a general physical weakness (with or without fever, chills or other symptoms).

We can use many gemmopreparates, in different combination, according to the symptoms of the patient and their general health and constitution.


Autumn problems and gemmotherapy - 2

Clinical case:

gemoNovember 2008, little girl, 9 years old, with astmathic antecedents, but presently in a balanced state, acused sudden onset of acute headache, with high fever (39), pain in muscles all over the body, aggravated when trying to lay on bed. The bed seemed too hard and she became restless. Weakness, general state of lassitude, moderate respiratory catarrh (congestion of eyes, sneezing, watery discharges from nose, moderate obstruction of nose, moderate sore throat). The onset of troubles was sudden, at 10 pm and mother had in the house only the gemmoderivates she had for the support treatment of the girl (Ribes nigrum and Viburnum lantana). She remembered a disscution we had in the past and started to give the little girl Ribes nigrum (Blackcurrant), 30 drops in water, every hour. She managed to give 4-5 doses and the fever droped a little so the girl was able to sleep. Then she continued with the hourly dose, until she reached my practice next day, in the afternoon.


Autumn problems and gemmotherapy - 1 Flu and viral infections

toamna-smallGemmotherapy is a useful therapy in the treament of various health conditions. Every period of the year has it’s special influence over one’s health. Autumn is a transition season in North Hemisphere, between the warm and dry summer and the cold and wet winter (in many countries).
The difficulties of the immune system to adapt to these changes may be seen in many small epidemics of viral infections, of respiratory troubles, from allergic rhinitis to chronical bronchitis and in more extended flu epidemics.


Cleaning the throat with gemmotherapy

We are going to use again some of the remedies we have already discussed about at the nose cleaning, because usually we find in the daily practice rhino-pharingitis and post-nasal catarrhs, which involve the nose and the throat in the same time.

For children, we use as the main drainage strategies for the throat:

  • Abies pectinata (Silver Fir), young shoots, MG=D1 – an excellent remineralising remedy and an anti-inflammatory remedy for the upper respiratory tract mucosa.
  • Betula verrucosa (Silver Birch), buds, MG=D1 – very good anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious remedy for children.
  • Ribes nigrum (Blackcurrant), buds, MG=D1 – the main immune stimulant in every upper respiratory tract infection
  • Rosa canina (Dog Rose), young shoots, MG=D1 – the main remedy for recurrent inflammation and infections of the throat.

Fernando Pitera advices as the main strategy for recurrent throat infection in children, the 2-3 months daily treatment with:


Cleaning the respiratory sinuses with gemmotherapy

Sinuses are air compartments near the nose, useful for the flow of air in the upper respiratory area. Any inflammation or infection of the sinuses is very difficult to treat

  • because of the anatomical position of the sinuses - which are closed and relatively isolated areas, with only one communication with the nasal cavities.
  • Because the discharges are blocking the communication between sinuses and nose, and the pressure of fluid accumulated in the sinuses produces intense pain and discomfort
  • Closed collection of pathological discharges can get infected easily, and many sinusitis will suppurate very quickly after the onset
  • Healing process is slow, difficult, painfull and must be assisted. Elimination from sinuses is slow and difficult.

The main cleaning remedies for the sinuses are:


Cleaning the nose with gemmotherapy

The nose mucosa membrane is the first one affected when the body comes from cold to warm or reverse. Everybody is aware of the watery discharge that came easily when going for a short walk outdoors, with temperatures under 0 degrees Celsius.

The main remedies that can help with the inflammation of the nasal respiratory membrane are:


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