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Cleaning the Ear with Gemmotherapy

The main trouble in the ear region is the inflammation, acute or chronic, known as acute or chronic otitis. It can be a simple, catarrhal inflammation, with watery discharge and moderate pain, or it can evolve to suppuration, with intense pain, fever and general reaction of the body.

For cleaning the ear region, in literature there are several remedies working well, especially on acute or chronic inflammation:


Cleaning the Ears, Nose and Throat with Gemmotherapy

A big part of the pathology of our patients is related to troubles in the ENT regions. Whenever there is a decrease in general immunity of the body, the first region to react and to express this decrease is the respiratory mucosa membranes, in the ENT regions. Here is the first line of defense of our body, the first barrier between the interior of the body and the germs, chemicals and physical factors from outside.

In children, especially, ENT pathology is number one of the health problems in the cold season. Inflammatory troubles of ENT mucosa membranes, with or without discharges, with or without fever and/or cough occur in all seasons, every time there is a change from warm to cold, or from cold to warm. Physically triggered (by cold weather and air, by rain, fog, wind or humid weather, pollen, dust, other substances), chemically triggered (smokes, gases, pesticides, other chemicals) or emotionally triggered (anger, frustration, grief, indignation etc), the ENT pathology can develop on a scale from very easy problems to very difficult and dangerous troubles.


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