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The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy - Cleaning the Ear with Gemmotherapy

Cleaning the Ear with Gemmotherapy

The main trouble in the ear region is the inflammation, acute or chronic, known as acute or chronic otitis. It can be a simple, catarrhal inflammation, with watery discharge and moderate pain, or it can evolve to suppuration, with intense pain, fever and general reaction of the body.

For cleaning the ear region, in literature there are several remedies working well, especially on acute or chronic inflammation:

1Alnus glutinosa (Common alder), buds, MG=D1 – the remedy has as main indication inflammations, particularly sub-acute and chronic ones, in any part of the body. It is particularly active on mucouse membranes, especially in suppuration of the mucosa; this is frequent the case of the ear. The mucosa of the ear, external and internal ear is often over-secretory, with a lot of glue external and mucus internally. The Common alder buds Extrakt will help eliminating the discharges and cleaning the inflammation in the mucosa cells and outside the membrane. It is one of the best remedies that promotes healing of wounds in areas with poor blood supply, such as the case of internal ear and tympan membrane. It is very good for helping the healing of a break in the tympanus, after an acute otitis or an accident.

2Juglans regia (Walnut), buds, MG=D1, is a very good remedy in treating the inflammation of skin and connective tissue. It is also indicated in chronical inflammation and suppuration of respiratory mucouse membranes, such as chronic suppurative otitits. For the cleaning purpose, the Walnut bud Extrakt has an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbian and scaring effect. It will help to end any long-lasting and repetitive discharge from the mucosa level.

3Ligustrum vulgare (Privet), young shoots MG=D1 has also an anti-inflammatory action. In the ear cleaning strategy, it is especially indicated whenever there are unwanted and disturbing noises in the ear, tinnitus or acufene.

In otosclerosis, a "aging" condition of the ear internal mechanism, with diminishing or losing the hearing in time, there are several remedies that can help slowing down, sometimes even reversing the process:

  • Ilex aquifolium (Holly), young shoots, MG=D1 - a very good anti-stress remedy and a cleaner of the kidney and adrenal glands. It improves the general mineral balance and helps in sclerosis and fibrosis processes. In ear troubles is indicated in noises in the ear, tinnitus and loss of hearing, because of sclerosis of tympanus (with other remedies, such as Alnus glutinosa, Sorbus domestica and Viburnum lantana).
  • Sorbus domestica (Service Tree), buds, MG=D1 - a useful remedy in venous troubles, but also very helpful in ear troubles, triggered by vascular spasm. It is indicated in diminished or lost hearing due to sclerosis of tympanus (together with other remedies).
  • Viburnum lantana (Wayfaring Tree), buds, MG=D1 - has an important action on the Eustachian tubes and it is indicated in diminished hearing or deafness due to sclerosis of tympanus, tube catarrh or vascular spasm (with other remedies, such as Sorbus domestica and Ilex aquifolium)
  • Viscum album (Mistletoe), buds, MG=D1 - has an important action on the central and periphery nervous system. But in the same time, it has clinical indication in hearing troubles of different origin, especially catharal and rheumatic. In tinnitus and different noises in ear is indicated together with Ilex aquifolium.
  • Ligustrum vulgare (Privet), young shoots, MG=D1 is also indicated in the tendency to sclerosis, especially when there are noises in the ear (tinnitus).

Any combination of the above remedies, in 2 or 3 remedies strategy, according to the particularities of every person, will help the recovery of hearing, the improving of sclerosis and the cure of the inflammation at the ear level.

Any of the above remedy can be combined with others, according to other health problems a patient may have.

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