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The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy - Cleaning the nose with gemmotherapy

Cleaning the nose with gemmotherapy

The nose mucosa membrane is the first one affected when the body comes from cold to warm or reverse. Everybody is aware of the watery discharge that came easily when going for a short walk outdoors, with temperatures under 0 degrees Celsius.

The main remedies that can help with the inflammation of the nasal respiratory membrane are:

1Betula pubescens (White Birch), buds, MG=D1, the best detox and drainage remedy. Is has an important anti-inflammatory action on the upper respiratory tract system and helps the natural cleaning processes. It enhances the general immune system of the body, but also the local immunity in the respiratory mucosa. In nose cleaning, it is particularly useful for adults and old patients.

2Betula verrucosa (Silver Birch), buds, MG=D1, is also an important purifying and detoxifying remedy. For the respiratory problems, especially for the nose drainage, it is indicated in the treatment of children and adolescents.

3Carpinus betulus (Common Hornbeam), buds, MG=D1 is and excellent symptomatic remedy in recurring infections of the upper respiratory tract, especially with spasmodic symptoms. It is particularly useful in allergic rhinitis, cleaning the nose before spring and allergies season. But also useful in cleaning the nose for all the people that have recurrent troubles with sneezing, obstruction, dryness of nasal mucosa or excessive discharges (anterior or posterior, such as in post-nasal catarrh).

4Ribes nigrum (Balckcurant), buds, MG=D1, is one of the most important remedies used for improving the function of adrenal glands, with general increase of immune response of the body. Has also an important anti-inflammatory action, especially in acute allergic states and in other acute problems, such as acute rhinitis, hay-fever, recurrent sneezing and others.

5Rosa canina (Dog Rose), young shoots, MG=D1, increases the resistance to infection due to its action on the RES. It is particularly useful in treating ENT infection in children, but also useful in the prevention of this troubles, in combination with other remedies.

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