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The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy - Cleaning the throat with gemmotherapy

Cleaning the throat with gemmotherapy

We are going to use again some of the remedies we have already discussed about at the nose cleaning, because usually we find in the daily practice rhino-pharingitis and post-nasal catarrhs, which involve the nose and the throat in the same time.

For children, we use as the main drainage strategies for the throat:

  • Abies pectinata (Silver Fir), young shoots, MG=D1 – an excellent remineralising remedy and an anti-inflammatory remedy for the upper respiratory tract mucosa.
  • Betula verrucosa (Silver Birch), buds, MG=D1 – very good anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious remedy for children.
  • Ribes nigrum (Blackcurrant), buds, MG=D1 – the main immune stimulant in every upper respiratory tract infection
  • Rosa canina (Dog Rose), young shoots, MG=D1 – the main remedy for recurrent inflammation and infections of the throat.

Fernando Pitera advices as the main strategy for recurrent throat infection in children, the 2-3 months daily treatment with:

  • Rosa canina, 20-25 drops in water, morning
  • Ribes nigrum, 20-25 drops in water, noon
  • Abies pectinata, 20-25 drops in water, evening

The strategy will be particularly useful at the beginning of spring and autumn, which is the inter-seasons period. The above strategy will help preventing the acute episodes or if these will occur, their symptoms will be milder and easier to treat.

For adults, we’ll use as main remedies to clean the throat region:

  • Betula pubescens (White birch), buds, MG=D1 – the main detox and drainage remedy, very useful in the upper respiratory tract infection, especially nose and throat.
  • Ligustrum vulgare (Privet), young shoots, MG=D1, particularly useful for smokers (with dryness of respiratory mucosa), useful in pharyngitis and chronic bronchitis. Also very good in inflammation of the mucosa of mouth, oral Candidosis, canker sores and other troubles.
  • Lonicera nigra (Honeysuckle), young shoots, MG=D1, a good immune stimulatory remedy, very good for tonsillitis and inflammatory pharyngitis, with dry or spasmodic cough, sometimes complicated with bronchitis.

We can also use for adults the remedies we already mentioned for the treatment of children:

  • Carpinus betulus (Common Hornbeam)
  • Ribes nigrum (Blackcurrant)
  • Rosa canina (Dog Rose)

In the next lesson, we’ll explore the treatment of Upper respiratory tract pathology, with the support of some clinical cases and examples from daily practice.

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