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The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy - Autumn problems and gemmotherapy - 1 Flu and viral infections

Autumn problems and gemmotherapy - 1 Flu and viral infections

toamna-smallGemmotherapy is a useful therapy in the treament of various health conditions. Every period of the year has it’s special influence over one’s health. Autumn is a transition season in North Hemisphere, between the warm and dry summer and the cold and wet winter (in many countries).
The difficulties of the immune system to adapt to these changes may be seen in many small epidemics of viral infections, of respiratory troubles, from allergic rhinitis to chronical bronchitis and in more extended flu epidemics.

The treatment is mostly the treatment of the symptoms and the support of the immune system of the body.
Gemmotherapy could have an important role to play in the treament of flu cases. The most common symptoms of flu are fever, general soreness of the body (painful muscles, headache, painfull eyes etc) and catarhal symptoms.

Best combination of gemmotherapics to treat this picture is:
extract din muguri de coacaz negruextract din muguri de stejarRibes nigrum (Blackcurrant), young shoots, D1 -  the biggest anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating and CSR protector of all gemmoderivates. It is the main preparate indicate in the treatment of viral infections, in all acute local and general inflammatory syndromes. Has a regulator action over the mucouse membrane of the respiratory tract, being indicated in rhinitis, pharingites, tonsilitis and other –itis at the level of the respiratory tract.
Quercus pedunculata (Oak), buds, D1 is a revitalising remedy for a tired body. It helps the immune system, it supports the cortico-suprarenal (C-SR) gland (having an anti-stress effect) and has a general detoxification effect. It is important in all different pains in muscles, joints and other parts of the body (anti-algic effect), together with Ribes nigrum. Has a slight euphoric effect and anti-alergic properties.


Good Manufacturing Practice

For prevention purposes, the two preparates can be used:

  • Ribes nigrum, 30-35 drops in water, in the morning, daily, 1-2 months (during the cold season or during the epidemic of flu)
  • Quercus pedunculata, 30-35 drops in water, in the evening, 1-2 months.

The use of the two preparates helped many of my patients, especially children, teenagers and old patients to stay in good condition during epidemics of viral infections or flu.
In the case of acute episode of flu, the use of the remedy could be more frequent, according to the evolution of symptoms.

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