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The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy - Autumn problems and gemmotherapy - 2

Autumn problems and gemmotherapy - 2

Clinical case:

gemoNovember 2008, little girl, 9 years old, with astmathic antecedents, but presently in a balanced state, acused sudden onset of acute headache, with high fever (39), pain in muscles all over the body, aggravated when trying to lay on bed. The bed seemed too hard and she became restless. Weakness, general state of lassitude, moderate respiratory catarrh (congestion of eyes, sneezing, watery discharges from nose, moderate obstruction of nose, moderate sore throat). The onset of troubles was sudden, at 10 pm and mother had in the house only the gemmoderivates she had for the support treatment of the girl (Ribes nigrum and Viburnum lantana). She remembered a disscution we had in the past and started to give the little girl Ribes nigrum (Blackcurrant), 30 drops in water, every hour. She managed to give 4-5 doses and the fever droped a little so the girl was able to sleep. Then she continued with the hourly dose, until she reached my practice next day, in the afternoon.

The little girl had a moderate fever, the general state was a little better, respiratory catarrh was definitely better (according to mother), I saw no objective congestion, just some watery discharges from nose. She drank a lot of water and already started to perspire (she couldn’t ate or drank or perspire at the onset of problems).

We decided to continue the gemmotherapy and because the muscle pains were still present, we decided to alternate Ribes nigrum with Quercus pedunculata every hour.

extract din muguri de calinextract din muguri de coacaz negruThe girl slept much better the second night, fever was down after 48 hours. Mother gave the preparates every 2-3 hours, in alternation, for the next 3-4 days.

Then she gave Ribes nigrum in the morning, Quercus pedunculata at noon and Viburnum lantana in the evening, for the next 14 days. We wanted to protect the little girl during convalescence, and we wanted to prevent her asthmatic bronchitis to flare up.

It was a good experience, to treat an acute viral infection (probably a flu-like viral infection) only with gemmotherapy. In many other episodes we have used gemmotherapy together with homeopathic remedies and other supplements.

From the above case and from other cases we learned that gemmotherapy can be used in acute cases, as well as prevention during epidemics of viral infections.

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