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The Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy - Autumn problems and gemmotherapy - 3 Viral respiratory episodes

Autumn problems and gemmotherapy - 3 Viral respiratory episodes

toamnaIn winter and spring, in our temperate climate countries, the main problems of our patients are the viral respiratory infections. Symptoms are many and variable, according to each person, but constant there is a nasal catarhh, in different degree (with or without obstruction, with or without discharges), there is a throat problem (with or without cough, with or without hoarsness, with or without discharges) and there is a general physical weakness (with or without fever, chills or other symptoms).

We can use many gemmopreparates, in different combination, according to the symptoms of the patient and their general health and constitution.

The gemmoteraphic pharmacy may have for us:

  • Betula verrucosa (Silver birch), buds, D1 – very useful in the catarrh of the respiratory mucouse membranes, in rhinopharyngitis and nasal catarrh, mainly with watery or mucous discharges. It is mainly indicated in children and teenagers. Can help with the fever and chills in many respiratory problems, due to its cleaning general action of the body and its immune stimulation (at the liver, spleen and kidneys level)
  • Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam), buds, D1 is very useful in nasal catarrh, with sinusal inflammation, in pharingeal and bronchical inflammation with catarrh and discharges. One of the most important remedies in coughs, in acute bronchitis with loose cough (with Lonicera nigra) or chronical bronchitis, with many discharges, difficult to eliminate (with Fagus sylvatica). Very useful in spastical cough, with spasm of the smooth muscles of the respiratory tractus (together with Viburnum lantana).
  • Lonicera nigra (Black Honeysuckle), young shoots, D1 is an important remedy for acute bronchitis, with a lot of cough with discharges (with Carpinus betulus), when the general state of the body is affected (fever, chills, some muscle pains). Is an important remedy for flu, when the respiratory symptoms have already evolved to spasms of respiratory muscles. Could be used also for the dry, spastic cough, with Carpinus betulus and Viburnum lantana. In the same time, is a remedy that protect and support the activity of the liver and the general immune system of the body.
  • Ribes nigrum (Blackcurrant), buds, D1 is the greatest systemic anti-inflamatory and immunity stimulant preparate. The main use of the Blackcurrant gemmotherapic is for the treatment of inflammatory states, viral or bacterian. Its main indication are every inflammation of the respiratory level – nasal, throat, ear, eyes, bronchitis, laryngitis etc. For its main action on the SR glands has an important destressing action and a general tonic and supporting action on the body. We tend to use it almost constantly in all the strategies of treatment of acute respiratory troublems, with a frequency according to the intensity of the symptoms. An important mention about the remedy is the following – is the main preparate that increases the general resistance of the body to cold. So could be extremely useful in the cold period, as a preventive, but also in the treatment of all troubles triggered by cold weather.
  • coacaz-mesteacan-muguri
  • Rosa canina (Wild dog rose), young shoots, D1  is the main remedy for local and recurrent respiratory inflammation. Has an important anti-inflammatory and anti-alergic action. It is useful in flu prophylaxis and the treatment of convalescence, but can be used in acute episodes, whenever there are bones and muscles pains. The remedy has a marked osteoblastic activity, so it increases the resorbtion of calcium in bones and muscles and is able to support the anti-algic action of other preparates. Usually it is combined with Ribes nigrum and/or other gemmoderivates.
  • Viburnum lantana (Mealy Guelder Rose), young shoots, D1 is an important neuro-vegetative regulator, has an anti-spastic and anti-alergic action on the respiratory system. It has a sedative action over the neuro-vegetative system of the lungs and stops the bronchial spasm, normalising the respiratory functions. It is indicated in all cases of strong, dry, spastic cough, with or without dyspnaea (breathlessness), that could be associated or represent complications of viral infections. For the dry, spastic cough could be associated with Lonicera nigra.

For the improvement of the general energy of the body during the episodes of viral infection, one can use preparates such as:
Quercus pedunculata (Oak), buds, D1, considered a revitalising and general tonic for weak bodies (after viral infections or flu).
Sequoia gigantea, young shoots, D1, with an energetic, tonic and general stimulation action for the body. It increases the 17-cetosteroids, substances produces at the SR level, with a slight euphoric (emotional well being) and eutrophic (improving physical function of tissues) action.

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